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Stadt-Apotheke Wiesloch

Owner: Pharmacist Jutta Suchy

Hauptstraße 96
D-69168 Wiesloch
Phone: 06222-58812-0


All rights reserved, all statements are subject to change.
All contents of this Website including design and programming are subject to German Copyright Law.
Commercial use of text and pictures only with written permission

Owner of the Website and responsible for the content:
(responsible according to § 6 Abs. 1 MDStV und § 8 Abs. 1 TDG)
Jutta Suchy

Liability for Links:
The Stadt-Apotheke Wiesloch distance oneself expressively from all contents of linked websites or graphics.
All violations of applicable law, convention and morals, which are known to us, will entail immediate deletion of those links, texts, graphics ect. (Landgericht Hamburg, 12. September 1999 – 312 O 85/99).
If our links to other websites fall within the area of responsibility on which we do not have any influence, we cannot accept any responsibility for those content.